What is in my backpack?

The last week has flown by and was filled with a lot of work and appointments with friends and family. I also had to buy the last things for my trip to Thailand. Several people are wondering what I will take with me on my trip to Thailand. Or gave me tips what I should bring with me.

In my last blogpost, I told you that I bought an Osprey Ariel 65. As backpacker you want to bring as less as possible because every unnecessary things is too many weight in your backpack. Most of the basic products can you buy in the country you are about to visit.

This is not even everything 🙂


It will be between 30 and 40 degrees in Thailand and the temperature depends on which part you stay. Also, the rain season will start in May so rain covers are needed! Two tops and two t-shirts and a hoodie with a zipper for the upper part of my body. One pair of shorts and one legging for the bottom part of my body. As said in my last post I will take some hiking shoes with me and of course flip-flops. Do not forget to bring a bikini or two with you because of the beaches in the south. Almost forgot to mention underwear and socks =D.

Medicine and food

I believe in the natural cure for sickness or wounds. I will only use medicine when there is no other way left and I do not like plasters either. The medicine I take with me are precaution diarrhea and the mosquitoes who could cause some trouble during my stay. As told, the natural cure for dehydration is coconut water. Also, for food I will take a few bars with me because I am a vegan.


Bars and soup


In Thailand they are not used to a proper toilet and they clean with water so I will bring some toiletpaper and cleansing paper with me (Some people think it is gross to talk about but I think it is just humanity 😉 ). Towels and clothes will dry very fast because of the humid air in Thailand. I have three sport/quick dry towels and a little rope with some clothespin. As a handy tool I bought a pocket knife. Just in case I need to cut fruits etc :).
Rope and clothespin
I did not mention every little things that is inside my backpack. If you take a closer look to the first picture you will found out most of the things I bring with me.
Right now I am ready to go! Today I fly to Thailand so I will be there tomorrow morning (local time). My mom, brother and nieces will drop me off at Schiphol were I have to wait for almost three hours. Let the journey begin and lets go back to basic!
If you have any tips about Thailand or you just want to say hello, do not hesitate to leave a comment below!
“To cure the daily wounds we create, nature will be the best remedy.” – Joëlla Meijer


  1. Lisa
    20th May 2016 / 8:08 pm

    Ik ga je volgen meis! Geniet ervan en ik kijk uit naar je blogs. xx

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