Hospital visit

Maybe I am going a little bit to fast but I have almost made it to Northern of Thailand. I am just not the person to sit on my butt when I can see more of this beautiful country. When I have seen everything of a city I move on to the next one! One of the pro’s of traveling by yourself.

Waiting and waiting and more waiting…

I woke up in Phimai and had feeling not to hurry. After a bus ride and an hour of walking I arrived at the trainstation. There was a timetable online but I hoped there was another train inbetween. I left the same morning a little bit to late.. It was 11:30 a.m. and the next train will come at 4 p.m. I had to kill the next few hours. Which is actually pretty hard if you have a backpack of at least 10 kilogram and no where to go.. After sitting for more then four hours on a wooden bench (my butt hurts as hell) I had to sit for three hours in the train to Khon Kaen. I made it there in the evening but I did not feel scared or so. Lucky me!

While waiting for the train I mentioned a few red spots on my legs and elbows. Nothing to bother about. At the end of the day the spots turn out deep red and they were very itchy. The next morning I had to go to the hospital because it kept getting worse. There was a (I think English) man who helped me to get to the best hospital. While walking, the spots are itchier then ever. Luckily, I learned not to scretch to make it worse. The hospitals are very good in here. They helped me very quick and they were nice to me. I had to go to the ‘beauty clinic’ even thought I felt not so beautiful.. Haha. The spots were an allergic reaction to some bugs who have bitten me. Creme and pills have to fix it within a week! I hope it does 🙂

It was almost time to eat. There was a big shopping mall next to the hospital where I bought internet and went to the Food Market to buy some lunch. After a long time, I walked to the park which is around a huge lake. There was a beautiful temple at the west side of the park. I went there by feet. I wanted to enter the temple and by then I noticed that I did not were the right clothes, oops. After walking around the lake, I noticed I wemt to far and it was already dark.. A local on a scooter dropped me off at my hotel.

After Khon Kaen, I went to Sukhothai by bus trough the mountains. What a ride! There are beautiful ruins in Sukhothai which I visit while riding on a bike. Thai bikes are so small :(. Took a bus the next day to Chiang Mai where I stayed for one week(!).

“Make your dreams real. Just do it!”  – Joëlla Meijer

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