Hey Bangkok!

After 14 hours of traveling, I finally arrived in Bangkok. Just at the airport, haha. Luckily I booked a hostel at home but I was not easy to find..

Statues at Grand Palace

First impression

It is hot in here. Thailand itself is pretty from above. All the nature and nice rooftops makes it glow. Moscow is definately not. It feels gray and in my opinion it is ugly. So the sky above Thailand made it even :). To have blond hair in Asia makes you feel famous. People want to make a picture with you. Also people stare at you on the streets. Fresh made food is really good not only on the streets.

Where to find?

I took the airtrain to Ratchathewi which is nearby the hostel. They said I had to go left when I pass the shop 7/11 but there was no left at all. Walked down the same road up and down more then five times I think. It made me laugh out loud, haha. Asked a few locals for the right direction but no one spoke English. Finally, a local who spoke English came to me and he knew the hostel because he had been there. After a little walk, I found the hostel in a alley. I heard that the hostel have been open for just one month which explains all the new stuff they have. Like brand new beds and showers.

Oops, I still kept walking trough the pain until I felt nothing anymore

Nature and animal friends

Although there is nature in here I miss the good smell of nature. The only thing I smell is food or gas.  There are little pigeons and ‘normal Dutch’ pigeons. The animals are not shy and come pretty close (listening to the song ‘close’ right now, hahaha) to you. I saw a small alligator and a bunch of squirls in the park. Next to a big weekend market where I walked for a few hours. I thought I saw a guinea pig but it can also be a squirl without a tail =D. The nature is very pretty and makes pour looking houses shine bright again.

Pour looking houses with a bright green tree beside it
Pigeon which posed for the picture

Temples and statues

I spent one day to see the Grand Palace and Wat Pho known as the laying Buddha. Which were both impressive and bigger then I expected. A few girls asked me to take some pictures of them. So I asked them to make some of me. Win-win situation right, haha. It impressive how locals respect their god. They bow for every monumental statue of Buddha.

Laying Buddha
Grand Palace

The streets

Bangkok is nothing like New City. Every street was easy to find. Overhear, it is quite messy and streets are far away from each other. Of course I had to find it out by myself. I went to Khao San Road which a friend recommended to me and I am glad he told me. It looked like a small version of Time Square. I started walking from Khao San Road to my hostel but it was to far away. When I start walking the rain decided to start too. It looked very close and some local told me it was just a 40 minute walk. After 40 minutes of walking I was not even halfway. Soaked in water I rent a tuk tuk and because I was walking for so long soaked in water I torn my pants I bought the other day. Lets find a new one! Otherwise I can not go into temples easily.

I enjoyed Bangkok and can talk for hours about it! Now it is time to continue my journey and hop-on a bus. It already cost me three hours to upload these pictures.. 😀

Feel free to leave a comment below! Talk to you soon!

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