February Favourites 2017

I know it’s a bit late to introduce but: This is my very first post of 2017! A new year with new goals and new opportunities in life. I start a new series on my blog which is a top 5 favourites of [month, year]. Hopefully, you enjoy this series as much as I enjoy telling you about my favourites of the previous month! 

bareMinerals Blemish Remedy Concealer

Couple of weeks ago, I was in Leicester searching for new make-up at a department store. I have this really old and cheap cover stick from Essence (everyone knows what I am talking about right?!) which actually does his job really well. Of course, it was not my intention to come home with a new cover stick but hey, those things happens if you are a woman who loves to shop :). It covers every little spot or freckles really well. It is soft and creamy and the smell is amazing. The ingredients have a healing effect on spots and it works great! This is a must have item in your make-up bag!


Movie: The Longest Ride

Even if you are not a big fan of movies (raise hand) you definitely have to watch this romantic movie! It made me so emotional and I literally cried for at least five minutes at the end. That says a lot about the story because that is the only reason why I watch films. Women who watch movies because of other interests; don’t be sad! You won’t be disappointed by the main actor :).


York, North Yorkshire

I have been surprised with a weekend trip to York! Which is the capital city of Yorkshire and at least two hours drive from where I live. The weather was not great that weekend but it would not spoil the beauty of the city! I will tell you more about this in March, stay tuned!

Town Gate York



This is not a new invented thing but to me it looks like I experience a whole new world of coffee. I never had a mocha before and over the past month I tried so many. My favourite by far was the mocha in a lunch room called Lucky Days in York! Maybe I am so into mocha’s lately because I am having huge cravings for sweet things.. Don’t judge me please ;P.


Grey Side Zip Ankle Boots by River Island

These boots catched my eye at the beginning of winter season. Back in December, my friend and I were walking through Nottingham and popped into Riverdale before we went to the train station. We both love shoes (especially heels!) and end up in the back of the store trying some new shoes. I tried the grey ankle boots and also the same but in a different colour. The grey boots were definitely my fav! There was only one catch: I was not allowed to buy new shoes. (see the dot as a really HUGE dot J). So I made a deal with myself: wait until the sale and I will have luck of not. At the end of February, I walked through Northampton and quickly checked the store they have there. FINALLY, sale and a good one as well – HALF PRICE! I can’t be happier than I am at the moment. They are really easy to walk and they have a thin layer of fake fur inside which makes it warm and soft to walk. Even though the heel is high, it feels like you walk on flat shoes!

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