10 tips about food in Thailand

There has to be a first time for everything. Life makes you to take choices if you want it or not. Every choice you make comes with a price (makes me think of a movie/series but I can not remember which one, haha). Which could be positive or turns out to be totally wrong. The only thing you can do is to learn from every choice you make!

This is my first time backpacking on my own in a foreign country. I am here for just six days and I already learned so much about it. I show you what I learned so far and it will help you also. This one is about one of my passions: food and beverage.

  1. Water is water.  No matter if it is (ice) cold or warm or hot.
  2. Always make sure you carry enough water with you. You never know were you end up or how long the bus ride will take.
  3. Vegetarian means also vegan in Thailand. But watch out for the oyster sauce.
  4. If name of the dish does not contain the word ‘spicy’. It. Is. Still. Spicy. But less spicy for a local.
  5.  Coconut milk taste different then back home. Yes, the fresh one from a coconut!
  6.  Every bread or cake contains milk. And mostly eggs too. Why? Why put milk on bread?!
  7. Do not be afraid to starve if you forgot the buy some food before heading a long ride by public transport. With every stop the bus or train makes a few locals hit the bus and show there dishes to buy.
  8. Buy food at stands beside the road. It is very cheap and delicious.
  9. Most of the restaurant serves rice next to the main dish you choose. It cost extra money.
  10. They put everything in different plastic bags. Please do not take it and think about the environment. Your rice and corn are happy in the same bag :).

This were a few things I have learned so far. Maybe it will help you if you are about to visit Thailand some day. And do not forget.. water is water ;).

Let me know in the comments down below if you want to see more like this!

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