Lots Of Tears

A few months ago, I turned my life up side down and started a job in a different country. Couple of months before that, I had my first experience as a single backpacker and I quit my study – just before that. This year, 2016, has been an rollercoaster ride through so many different situations in life. Not at the end of the year yet but at the same time we are.

What are my plans this festive time of the year? How do I want to end and celebrate this year – 2016? At least I end with some more traveling!

It all happend Wednesday 21 December but it was planned since  the beginning of November. All this time I had to keep my mouth shut so I won’t spoil things. Very difficult for a chatty person like me but secrets are always safe! So was this one!

The train to the airport left at 11:56 and took around half an hour to get there. Arriving three hours to early to find out that the flight has a delay of 30 minutes – yeaaaaah!

Luckily, I spoke to a lady (living in The Netherlands and working England and travels two times a week by plane) which made the time flew by more easy. She end up telling where she lives and I laughed – close to my granny.

There was only one person who knew what I had planned. She picked me up from the airport and helped me further on..

I prepared a Christmas card in England so my friend could give it to my mum. I also gave her my train ticket to give some heads up (She still didn’t understand what was going on but that’s okay.). I was hiding in the car and got a call that I could come in side. My mum and brothers waiting in the hallway – crying (except for my youngest because he is tough, haha) and one by one hugging me. Dad was in the livingroom so we moved the hugging fest to the livingroom, haha!

Daddy 🙂

I had so much energy and talked the whole evening. Gave everyone there presents and shared some stories. I did not only surprised my parents that evening but also my friend Illona and neighbor Monique.

Thursday was for surprising my granny and my friend Debby and the girls. Not the forget my grandpa and my other friend Liona – who came over to England just a week before. And yes, she did not know as well :).

Burgley House, Stamford

Last but not least, Friday I surprised my aunt and cousin. Her face (cousin) when she opened the door, amazing! That is why I love to surprise people!

So the awnser to the questions earlier – my mum has to add another plate to the Christmas dinner this year and Illona still had no relaxing New Years Day! ;p

With love,


(But secretly missing England 🙈)

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