Let’s Startover

*Big smile* Aaah, I can not explain how excited I am right now!! I have been planning this for such a long time and people who know me pretty well – I am not really good in starting projects when I have them in mind. We all know that, haha. But here it is, finally! It is in the air!! *jumps in the air*

My face when I found out it is ready!

For the people who do not know me; my name is Joëlla and I am Dutch. I started a blog earlier this year for my travels to Asia but I was never really satisfied with that one (you can find all the posts on this blog as well). I always had in mind to have my own site one day – dream came true! There could not be a better early Christmas present than this!

Most of you will be delighted if I say I will upload a post every other week or if I can not wait to tell you, maybe every week!

Stay tuned!

With lots of love and a huge smile on my face (still, haha),


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