I Am Back!

It is been a while since my last post. I left my home country for a new opportunity in England, United Kingdom. After I started this new adventure, there was never a following post – which I had my reasons for..

Lets start at the beginning – which is already more than three months ago (such a shame 🙁 ). My flight was around 7 p.m. on Tuesday 23th of August so I had a whole day a head before I would leave for a year to another country, another city, another culture and another family.

And I was not alone that day! My family and my amazing
friend Liona were there for me. We struggled to put my safety cover over my backpack while attaching my hiking shoes to the top of my backpack… LOL.

We all went to Schiphol airport and we took some pictures together and I left to the security. I literally ran to Mac Cosmetics which was on the other side of the hall to buy some make up and arrived just in time at my gate.

Before I knew it, the airplane landed on English ground. Within five minutes, I found my bags and walked towards the exit. I stood there for at least 15 minutes before I started to freak out a bit – do you know that little terrified feeling when you are somewhere waiting for someone without any information and contact? I did! It was almost like in a movie. After 20 minutes total, the women of the family showed up. Finally!

Things did not go well with me and the family. I had no bond at all with the oldest one. This made it really hard for me to do my job with joy and I decided to end my time with them after a couple of weeks. After I told them my decision, I stayed for almost three more weeks. It felt weird to leave because I had a really good bond with the youngest one but I am glad I stayed behind my decision – most of the times my feelings are right.


Alexandra Park, London

In the meanwhile (since I told the family to end my time with them), I searched for another host family. Made myself a promise to stay with a new family until my time is up. No more leaving. If I would be so fortunate to find another host family in such a short time, I have to take that opportunity and cherish it. Otherwise, I would take the first available plane to Amsterdam.

And fortunate I was.. I found another family on the countryside with a three years old girl and a boy on the way. I met them before I made my decision and everything felt right. On 15th of October, I left to my new host family in Leicestershire.



You probably will understand by now why I decided not to write. I know the story is not detailed and if you wish I will write another post about it. Please let me know in the comments below!

I am so sorry but I am back!

With love,


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