Going on a new adventure!

After three weeks of traveling, my blog had blocked myself because I logged in at an Asian computer. That is why it took a while for me to post again. Also the reason why I have not shared all my experience of my travels yet. To start my new adventure I quit my two jobs..

Historical Park, Sukhothai

Asia is already more then three (!!!) weeks ago. Time flies and I have not sit still by then. I had such an amazing time in Thailand and Malaysia and I met so many wonderful people. I have heard so many different stories from places all over the world. Right now, it is time for me to start a new adventure!

Traveling through Asia opened my eyes and made me realize it is not bad to take risks. After a couple of days to ‘come back on earth’ (which I totally had no problem with because it still feels like I have never left my hometown for a month-and-a-half), I went back to work. Back into my regular (work work work) life..

In less then a week, I go to Spain and France for a few weeks of vacation. Just to relax (which I am sooo good in, haha). There will be a lot of sightseeing and boardgames and sun! Time for some good pictures and a good portion of tanning.

Lets go back to the adventure part :). Last weekend, I quit both of my jobs (one where I work for three-and-a-half years already) and yesterday I booked a flight. Direction > my new adventure.

Within three weeks, we agreed. I did not tell most of the people about it but I am going to London! You will think ‘Whoohoo, London. Nothing special.’ right? But I am going to London until next July (2017). I will fly at the end of August and I can not wait to go!

I received an offer to work as an au-pair with a lovely family in London. Mother and father, son (7) and daughter (2) want to start a new adventure with me in their family.

At this point I am still packing for my holiday to Spain and France but at the same time I am preparing everything for London. I can not wait until the end of August!

“Open your mind, live your dream. Just do it!” – Joëlla Meijer

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