“Welcome to my blog!”

As you might have noticed, my name is Joëlla :). I am 100% Dutch and I grew up in a small town nearby Haarlem, The Netherlands. When I was younger I always said ‘I want to live in the USA.‘ and ‘I want to be a Vet.‘. Dreams I might have to chase one day because I am still sitting on my bum, not in the USA and without a job as a Vet ;).


This is me!

My two biggest hobbies are dancing and baking/cooking. I practice ballet since I am four years old and started with streetdance when I was eleven years old. From the age of eleven till thirteen, I stopped with ballet. Missed it so much that I started to practice ballet again and I was lucky to join the pointe class (another big dream) after one year back in ballet (Please, do not think I am an perfect dancer because I am not! Is it just a hobby.).

There is another thing that became a hobby of me which is traveling. Every school year I looked forward to the summer vacation (read: holiday to another country). Without even knowing it, traveling became something I really crave; being able to explore the world became my passion. Not forget to mention that I can combine this hobby with a few of my interest. I am talking about my interest for nature and taking pictures (current camera: Sony SLT-A50).

I have a big love for animals and one kind of insects in particular. My love for animals brought me also to my rollercoaster ride and huge interest in health and food. I decided not to consume any meat or fish or chicken anymore – I was a huge meat eater before.

“Everything is possible if you really want it!”