A single ticket to

I have already traveled to several places in different countries like Germany, Belgium, France, Portugal and Spain. But, I have never left Europe before.. Untill now..

In the last week of February, one of my dreams came true! One of my friends studies in Ohio, so we decided to meet up in New York City. For the first time of my life I went to the other side of the world: America! It was also my first nine hour flight on my own. It went quite well. Nevertheless, they hold me at the security check and I had to go through the weirdest check I have ever had: I had to write down three different words (hallo, Denise and love) on three different stones. Then, you could definitely read it of my face, speachless and confused, haha. But wow, what a city! Even it was not as green as I hoped, I felt in love at NYC. This city has so many different sides and it all ends at ‘The city that never sleeps‘. Which is so true!

Memorial 9/11

Central park

In less than one week, I am on a flight to the (other) other side of the world ;). I will be backpacking in Thailand! I have the possibility to go for around 1.5 month (circa. 45 days). Which I will be spending all by myself. Yes, that is right! I am going on my own and I am super excited about it! I have no nerves at all =D.

The journey had already started by finding the perfect backpack, which was not easy at all.. I tried at least fifteen different backpacks in one store (feeling like a turtle with his shield/home on his back :p). After all, I went home with none. However, the last one I tried fit the best! After a few weeks of trying at different stores, I ended up buying the last backpack of my first trying-session, haha. Here it is my shield:

Osprey Ariel 65 – empty

Most of the people who already know that I will be traveling to Thailand soon gave me tips to buy a pair of hiking shoes. At that point, I was to stubborn and would not spent more money then needed. But the weather in the next few months changed my thoughts..

Here are my new pair of shoes. I like the colours together and ofcourse they fit really well!

So much to do and just one week to go before I leave! I am counting down the days, so exciting!

Talk to you next week!

Wear a shield, not only for protection, but for life extension.” – Joëlla Meijer

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